Win Your People

what's wyp?

I’m stoked to have you here today. Here’s the short and long answers for, “What is WYP?”.

In short, Win Your People is an initiative to help managers get on the fast track to managerial success. 

How? By improving their people management skills. To do that, WYP serves research-backed advice in a succinct manner.

There is a ton of hard, science-based research generated every day in the fields of people management and leadership. Unfortunately, this research is presented in obscure gobbledygook language so it does not make its way to managers’ offices. This blog is on a mission to bring you the best of the best from these research archives in a light and digestible format.

Here you will see research-backed people management and leadership advice for every manager – presented in a simple and concise manner.

All the articles showcased here will have 4 (SASS) distinct traits:

  1. Succinct – No long stories. Just the crux of the leading research presented in the least amount of words possible.
  2. Actionable – The research shared here has a clear objective – to give out solid actionable knowledge that managers can put to use right away. No fluff and claptrap philosophies.
  3. Simple – Even the most advanced concepts are presented in the simplest possible language. No gibberish, gobbledygook, obscure jargons, and blah blah.
  4. Substantive – Every piece of content served here is backed by at least one research study published by a journal of excellent repute. Say NO to thought leaderships and baseless opinions.

Fair game?

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